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LOCKED OFFICE (House/Cuddy);

"You're late." / "And you are in my locked office. AGAIN."

Locked Office - a House/Cuddy Community
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Welcome to the new location of house_cuddy. We're working on it! Thank you for your support! We'll get it all back. ♥


o1. Please tag your posts! This makes life easier for those looking for something specific :)

o2. Individual posts featuring your personal reaction to an episode are not permitted. There will be live discussions each week, followed by a more in depth discussion post the day after a new episode. You are welcome (encouraged!) to post links to your own posts in the comments. Additionally, the community will be placed on moderated posting for at least 24 hours following a new episode.

o3. When posting icons, post no more than 3 outside of a cut. Any images larger than 400px must be placed behind a cut.

o4. Drabbles (that's anything under 500 words) belong in hc_drabble. Any lengthy posts, such as fic or articles, must be placed behind a cut.

o5. NO actor bashing. And, for that matter, no bashing of characters and certainly not of other members. The mods reserve the right to remove such comments/posts, and in the case of repeat offenders, we will consider removing you from the community.

o6. RPF is not to be posted here; that belongs in hugh_lisa

o7. Treat your fellow members with the utmost respect. This obviously includes mods; we're willing to take on board anything that you have to say and encourage your input. HOWEVER. If you address us with hostility, rudeness or a refusal to see other sides in an argument, we will not address the matter. At the end of the day, people are going to have different opinions, but there is a constructive way to discuss them. Always be civil, at very least. Hell, shoot for friendly :)

→ All spoilers MUST be placed under a cut. Any spoilers posted without a cut will be removed if you fail to edit the entry when prompted.
→ Icons from new episodes are considered spoilers until 3 days after the episode has aired. Say House and Cuddy have hot smokin' sex on his/her desk (yeah, that got your attention) - we know it's gonna burn, but you're gonna have to wait to plaster that all over the place in public for 72 hours.
→ Spoilers must specifically pertain to House/Cuddy (see off topic).
→ Spoilers must be posted with a source. ALWAYS. Twitter, a friend of a friend who works on the set, a blog you stumbled across - not gonna cut it. Any spoiler posted here must come from a media outlet.

o9. Off Topic & How We Define It.
→ All posts here must be on topic. The topic being House/Cuddy. Obviously.
→ Blind items, hints, something that maybe-sort-of-might be House/Cuddy related? All regarded as off topic, don't post them.
→ Promo videos for episodes with absolutely no sign of Cuddy or mention of the ship are, yep, off topic.
→ Anything relating to the show in general, not specific to the ship? Off topic.
→ Anything Hugh Laurie or Lisa Edelstein specific is welcome here. Feel free to post interviews etc :)

Posts expressing a personal feeling toward an element of the show, be it positive or negative, must make a concrete point. We want this to be about discussion. This is a community and not a personal soapbox for anyone; we all have personal journals, if you want to vent, take it there. Worried that plotline X spells doom? Try to articulate why, rather than posting a knee jerk reaction about nothing more than the fact that it upsets you.

If you need any further information (such as pointing in the direction of useful communities), you can check out this post. Should you still have questions or concerns, you can always poke one of the mods and we will get back to you post haste :)

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